School Hair Accessories Curly Ponytail Streamer Hair Tie - Daffodil Yellow Base & Top Ribbon (28 colours middle)

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This is one of the favourite from our School range. Our Long Curly Ponytail Streamer Hair Tie School Uniform Hair Accessories is made from Grosgrain Ribbon and attached to a hair tie (Pony O), The streamers are approx 20cm long using 6 streamers.

This School Hair Accessory Hair Tie will be made using 2 colours - 2 ribbons as the Daffodil Yellow and the other 2 to be picked from the picklist. If you would like this changed please email us when you place an order at

Pinkberry Kisses Long Curly Ponytail Streamers Hair Tie are a Great addition to your School Uniform.  Also great for other areas like wearing to birthday parties, special occasions, dance, or anytime you are wanting to complete your Childs outfit and she will stand out from the crowd wearing one of these Curly Ponytail Streamers.

Also we can make these to match your school colours if they aren't listed here, please contact us!

These School Hair Accessories handmade in Australia.