NRL State of Origin Double Bella Hair Bow Clip

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Get into the footy spirit with this 7cm NRL State of Origin Hair Bow Clip!  This State of Origin Grosgrain printed Ribbon is made into a 7cm Bella Hair Bow and attached to a partially lined alligator clip with our unique Non Slip Grip or a hair tie (Pony O) or a Babies Soft Headband available in 4 different sizes.. 

If you would like a bigger statement, you can get an Larger Double Bella Bow that is backed with a 9cm Maroon or Blue Grosgrain Ribbon to make this a larger Hair Bow for you.

Great for a Kids Hair Bow, Teenager Hair Bow or an Adults Hair Bow!

 This is a great NRL Hair Accessories to add to your NRL State of Origin outfit!

Wear one of these State of Origin Hair Bows when watching the game to show your support for both the NRL State of Origin Teams.