Baby Non Slip Hair Clip - Strawberries 3pc Set Baby toddler Hair Clip Set Hair Accessories Pinkberry Kisses Red Pink

Baby Non Slip Hair Clip - Strawberries 3pc Set

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This Devine Baby & Toddler Non Slip Hair Clip - Red and Pink Checked Strawberries 3pc Set little trio of clips are made using our 30mm snap clips. Perfect for those with only as few strands of hair or with very fine hair. We use our unique non clip grip on all three. 

These are made to be worn on the right hand side of the head.

These Non Slip Baby Hair Accessories are amazing for a baby, toddler or child that has the most finest of hair and they will stay in place. These Hair Clips complete your little ones outfit and will stand out in the crowd.

These Non Slip Hair Clips are all made to order and made in Australia.